• The Rock

    Standing On The Rock

    Standing On The Rock Like many families during the summer months, we visited the beach for a family vacation last year. This was a time of relaxation, bonding and just having some fun. As expected, we spent most of our time in the water and building sandcastles in the sand and the rest of our time checking out local spots and catching up. What was not expected was the incredible lesson that I learned while sticking my feet in the ocean.  There I stood with beautiful, cool sand between my toes. My boys were splashing in the water and running from the small waves coming into the shore. Their laughs…

  • Devotionals

    Take Up Your Mat

    Take Up Your Mat The man in John 5:1-9 sat on his mat for 38 years. He did the same every day. He sat waiting, watching and hoped, but nothing happened. This was just his way of life. He was stagnant and unable to see what was already in him. He was convinced that real life is only over there in that pool. That life had to come from somewhere else, anywhere else. The pool of Beth-zatha was known for healing powers. An angel would come down from Heaven and stir the waters. It was said that whomever was first to the waters would be healed. So the man waited.…